The standard size of the rugs is approximately 2m x 1m (6’6″ x 3’3″).

Rugs can of course be custom woven to any size of your choice.

Maximum width is one section is approximately 1.25m (4′ 2′), For wider rugs, sections are woven and then stitched together, the join be virtually invisible.

Colour choice

The rugs can be woven in any colours you chose. If you provide jason with a sample of the colours he will match it up with the wool he has access to.

Delivery time

This is dependant on how many people are before you in the order book in front of you at the time you place your order. At certain times of the year delivery can be within a month, at others the wait will be much longer. You will be advised of an approximate delivery date at the time you commission the rug.


For a standard sized rug of 2m x 1m, ( 6’6″x 3’3″), the current price is £595, ($895)

For custom sized rugs the price is based on £300 per square metre. ( $45 per square foot)


Jason takes a deposit of £75 ($100) at the time of the order, the rest being payable on completion of the rug.


You will be advised of an approximate price at time of commission, once the rug is completed an accurate quote will be given.